Clinical Tools for Hearing Disorders

International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids

The IOI-HA is designed for both research and clinical evaluations of the outcomes of hearing aid fitting.  The IOI-HA is a seven-item questionnaire designed to be generally applicable when evaluating the effectiveness of hearing aid provision. The IOI-HA has been translated into over twenty languages, including Chinese. Ms Pumpkin I-P Ip, supervised by Professor Lena Wong in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, developed norms for the Traditional Chinese version of the IOI-HA used in Hong Kong.

Visit the IOI-HA website for general information about the test and to download copies of the Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions of the questionnaire.

Hong Kong IOI-HA norms can be found at (see page 12).

Amsterdam Inventory for Auditory Disability and Handicap

The AIADH is a 30 item self-report questionnaire designed to provide information about a client’s performance in a wide range of listening activities and environments. A Hong Kong specific version of the questionnaire was created in Traditional Chinese, for use in a Hong Kong context, by Professor Bradley McPherson, Division of Speech and Hearing Science and colleagues.

The Cantonese AIADH, along with normative information, is available for download here.