Raising awareness of communication difficulties at HKU

Raising awareness of speech, language, hearing, communication and reading (SLHCR) difficulties at HKU

We engage in activities to promote awareness of speech, language, hearing, communication and reading difficulties in Hong Kong through media interviews and knowledge exchange talks. From Spring 2019 to Summer 2020, in partnership with HKU’s Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), we will launch a series of events to help students and staff in the HKU community to learn about the importance of an adequate hearing ability, an intact language system, a clear voice, fluent and accent-“free” speech, accurate articulation and good communication strategies for success in communication. Our speech therapist will also provide free support services for undergraduate and postgraduate students with SLHCR difficulties. To learn more about these difficulties and our support services, please refer to the posters below or contact us at talkwell@hku.hk.

Posters to learn more about communication difficulties 

Support Services for Students with Speech, Language, Hearing, Communication and Reading Difficulties

What Do You Know About Difficulty in Communication?

What Do You Know About Voice Problems?

What Do You Know About  Hearing Impairment? 

What Do You Know About Speech Dysfluency?

What Do You Know About Reading Difficulties?