Clinical Tools for Voice Disorders

Voice Activity and Participation Profile

The VAPP is a self-assessment questionnaire that gives insights into the ways activities and participation are limited in clients with dysphonia. This measure of voice-related quality of life has been widely translated and used clinically. The VAPP was developed by Dr Estella P-M Ma and Professor Edwin M-L Yiu in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English versions of the VAPP, along with links to the initial VAPP development publications.

Manual of Clinical Voice Assessment and Therapy: A Hong Kong Perspective

Edited by Professor Edwin M-L Yiu, Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, this textbook is designed as a resource for clinicians and speech therapy students who work with Cantonese-speaking clients with dysphonia. The manual provides useful instructional information on “how” to carry out voice assessment and therapy within the Hong Kong context. An included CD-ROM contains an interactive perceptual voice training program and also the Voice Activity and Participation Profile for evaluating voice-related quality of life in individuals with voice problems.