Research Postgraduate Students Publication Awards and Teaching Awards (2017)

Research Postgraduate students in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences have been acknowledged by the Faculty of Education for excellence in scholarship and teaching. 

Best Research Postgraduate Student Publication Awards:

Miss Cai Ting (PhD)

Ting Cai and Bradley McPherson, “Hearing loss in children with otitis media with effusion: A systematic review.” International Journal of Audiology. (2016) 65-76.

Mr Tsun Man William Choi (PhD)

William Choi, Xiuli Tong, and Kate Cain, “Lexical prosody beyond first-language boundary: Chinese lexical tone sensitivity predicts English reading comprehension.” Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 148 (2016) 70-86.

Miss Li Xinxin (PhD)

Xinxin Li, Carol Kit Sum To, and Manwa Lawrence Ng, “Effects of L1 tone on perception of L2 tone – a study of Mandarin tone learning by native Cantonese children.” Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. (2016) 12 pages.

Research Postgraduate Student Teaching Awards:

Mr Tsun Man William Choi (PhD)

Course: SHSC2032 Research Methods and Statistics for Speech and Hearing Sciences