Speech and Language Clinic Details and Fees

Service Details

Length and frequency of sessions: Therapy is usually scheduled once a week for 45 minutes. When needed, a more frequent therapy schedule may be recommended. 

Type of sessions: Typically, therapy is conducted on a one-on-one basis, although group therapy can be recommended.

Parents’ and Caregivers’ participation in therapy is strongly encouraged.

Observation: As a teaching clinic, students, teaching and clinical staff at the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences may observe the assessment and therapy sessions behind a one-way mirror or through the video recording streaming system. This arrangement is a routine practice of our teaching clinic.


Fees for our Specialist Clinic are:

Type of session Duration Fees
Assessment 30 minutes assessment
10 minutes feedback
Individual therapy 30 minutes
10 minutes feedback

Fees for our Student Clinic are:

Type of session Duration Fees
Assessment 45 minutes HK$300
Individual therapy 45 minutes HK$300

Reduced Fees

  • Upon presentation of a staff card, the children or the spouse of a HKU staff member may be given a 20% discount of the regular fee.
  • Upon presentation of the following documents, you may be given a 90% discount of the regular fee.
  • “Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients (CSSA) (for Medical Waivers)”, or
  • “Certificate for Higher Disability Allowance (HDA)” together with other supporting documents of low income

Other Fees

  • You may obtain a written copy of your, or your child’s, assessment or progress report from the student clinic at a cost of $500 per copy and from the specialist clinic at a cost of $1500.
  • You may obtain a DVD copy of the session at a cost of $70 per session.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Personal cheque
  • MasterCard or Vis

Cancellation Policy

We have a waiting list for our services and we recommend prompt attendance of all scheduled appointments.

For better therapy progress, we encourage attendance of all sessions.  If you cannot attend a session as scheduled, please notify us 5 working days in advance. If you are sick, please notify us before the session starts and provide a medical certificate in the next session.  Refund for prepaid session(s) is only available for clients who have provided us with an adequate reason for the absent session(s) (e.g., a school notice and a medical certificate).​

Please note that, in a therapy block, if you:

  • fail to attend two scheduled appointments without giving us an advance notice or supporting documents.

We will not be able to offer you further appointments. We will have to place you on the waiting list until the next opening is available.

With effect from 01 May 2017.