Audiology Team

Our Hearing Clinic was established in 1996. We have a state-of-the-art Audiology facility for comprehensive audiological and rehabilitation service for children and adults. Services are conducted by qualified audiologists and supervised postgraduate students.

Our Clinical Audiology Team is composed of three qualified audiologists as follows:


Prof. Wong, Lena Lai-Nar, Associate Dean (Research Higher Degrees), Professor, Audiologist
BA, MA (Calif State), Ph.D (Queensland); CCC-A; FAAA

Prof. Lena Wong is a Professor in Audiology in this Division. She was formerly a research assistant/clinical audiologist at the House Ear Institution, USA. Her research interests include outcome measurement with amplification and Cantonese speech perception. She has particular interests in pediatric hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting. Learn more about Prof. Wong.



Professor Bradley McPherson, Audiologist
B.A. (Sydney); M.Ed. (Manchester); Ph.D. (Queensland)

Prof. Bradley McPherson has worked as an audiologist in Australia, England, West Africa, South Africa and in the Middle East. From 1989 to 1996 he was a lecturer in audiology at the University of Queensland. His teaching and research interests include (1) childhood hearing loss in developing countries, (2) paediatric hearing screening techniques and (3) auditory processing assessment in children. Learn more about Prof. McPherson.



Ms. Angela Wong, Clinical Instructor, Audiologist
M.Sc., MAudSA(CCP)

After having obtained her Master Degree in Audiology at the University of Hong Kong, Angela worked in Australia as a Clinical Audiologist and Research Audiologist for over 12 years. She is experienced in hearing aid fitting and pediatric assessment and intervention. Angela provides audiological service to children and adult with hearing impairment at our clinic.