Hearing Clinic Fees

Service Charge

Postgraduate students (under supervision of Clinical Instructor) Clinical Instructor (Audiologist)
General Hearing Evaluation
Elderly (65 yr or older) $250 $500
Adult/ Older children $500 $1000
Children (6 yrs or younger) $600 $1200

** The above charges are subject to change. Please call our clinic for updated information on the types of service and charges.

** If other assessment or service is required, there will be an additional charge.


  1. The Hearing Clinic of the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, HKU, is a teaching and research clinic. All the hearing assessments are conducted by qualified audiologists and/or postgraduate students under the supervision of qualified and experienced audiologists.
  2. Based on the hearing assessment results, the audiologist may recommend clients with hearing loss to use an appropriate assistive device (e.g., hearing aids) or refer them to appropriate medical settings (e.g., with ear, nose and throat doctors) to receive detailed medical check-up for ear problems .
  3. Because the Hearing Clinic is for teaching and research purposes, students and their supervisors may be observing in an adjacent observation room. The information obtained will be used for teaching and research only. The staff and students of the clinic keep all client information in strict confidence.
  4. If you cannot attend a pre-arranged appointment, please call us at 39170789 to change the date.
  5. If you have any queries about our hearing assessment service or if you are considering hearing aids, please call us at 39170789 for details of our service.