Visit from the Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists Program Review Panel

Visit from the Institutional-Based Assessment Panel of the Hong Kong Institution of Speech Therapists
The Review Panel visited our clinic on March 12, 2019 and met with members of our Clinical Education team (photo below). The Panel met with teaching staff, clinical educators, and past and present students to give feedback on our BSc program to ensure it meets the high standards required for the training of speech-language therapists in Hong Kong.

Ms. Carmela Tin (HKU)

Ms. Joanna Cheung (EdB)

Ms. Caroline Lee (HKIST/EdB)

Dr. Bronwyn Davidson (University of Melbourne)

Ms. Candy Ngan (HA)

Dr. Lorinda Kwan (HKIST/Ed U)

Ms. Kayan Winnie Cheung (HKU)

Ms. Ada Chu (HKU)

Dr. Kevin Yuen (Ed U)